Paper: Arguing About Planning Alternatives

ACL ID C92-3136
Title Arguing About Planning Alternatives
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1992

In discourse processing, two major problems are un- derstanding the underlying connections between suc- ce~ive dialog utterances and deciding on the content of a coherent dialog response. Thin paper presents a computational model of these tasks for a restricted class of argumentative dialogs. In these dialogs, each response presents a belief that justifies or contradicts another belief presented or inferred earlier in the di- alog. Understanding a response involves relating a stated belief to these earlier beliefs, and producing a response involves selecting a belief to justify and de- ciding upon the set of beliefs to provide as its justifi- cation. Our approach is knowledge baaed, using gen- eral, common-sense justification rules to recognize how a belief in being justified and to form n...