Paper: A Hybrid System For Quantifier Scoping

ACL ID C92-3127
Title A Hybrid System For Quantifier Scoping
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1992

There is an alternative to IS. In what I will call "hybridization," different factors are conjoined before any scope judgment is made. A system hybridized for lexical and syntactic factors has no lexical or syntactic specialists, but rather a single function, call it flex-syn, whose input is the conjunction of lexical and syntactic factors in a sentence. Given an input with quantifiers ql and q2 and (relevant) syntactic features s 1, ... , Sn, such a system computes flex-syn(ql, q2,sl ..... Sn) rather than fint(flex(ql, q2), fsynl(Sl ) ..... fsynn(Sn)). The advantage of this is that scope intuitions can be recovered directly. Take the tendency for an embedded prepositional object to scope over a head NP. This tendency varies depending on the quantifiers involved, among other things. In e.g...