Paper: A Logic Programming View Of Relational Morphology

ACL ID C92-3125
Title A Logic Programming View Of Relational Morphology
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1992

We use the more abstract term "relational morphology" in place of tile usual "two-level morphology" in order to emphasize an aspect of Koskenniemi's work which has been overlooked in favor of implementation issues using the finite state paradigm, namely, that a mathematical relation can be specified between the lexical and surface levels of a language. Relations, whether finite state or not, can be computed using any of several paradigms, and we present a logical reading of a notation for relational morphological rules (similar to that of Koskenniemi's) which can in fact be used to automatically generate Prolog program clauses. Like die finite state implementations, the relation can be computed in either direction, either from the surface to the lexieal level, or vice versa. At rite very l...