Paper: Towards Computer-Aided Linguistic Engineering

ACL ID C92-2123
Title Towards Computer-Aided Linguistic Engineering
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1992
  • Remi Zajac (University of Clermont-Ferrand 2, Clermont-Ferrand France)

on in the overall design. Tiffs approach should of course be supported by a specification language which will be based on the concept of partial information and provides the means of stmcturing a specification in a hierarchy of subspecifications of increasing specificity. We envisage three basic levels of abstraction. The i~titial design of the linguistic domain is rather abstract and largely free of details. It establishes the basic buildings blocks, the basic structures and the foundations of the linguistic domait~. At that level, we could aim at providing a eonsensual formal deft o nition of tbese basic building blocks as a first step towards the definition of standards for representiug linguistic knowledge. For example, the initial level of abstraction could start from basic descriptiv...