Paper: A Robust Approach For Handling Oral Dialogues

ACL ID C92-2119
Title A Robust Approach For Handling Oral Dialogues
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1992

Present limits of speech recognition and understandiĀ¢,g in the context of free spoken language (alttumgh with a limited vocabulary) have perverse effects on the flow of the dialogue with a system. Typically a non robtt~'t dialogue manager will fail to face with these limits and conversations will often be a failure. This paper presents some possibilities of a structural approach for handling communication failures in task-oriented oral dialogues. Several types of communication failures are presented and explained. They must be dealt with by the dialogue manager if we strike to have a robt~t system. The exposed strategies for handling these failures are based on a structural approach of the conversation and are implemented in the SUNDIAL,wstem. We first recall some aspects of the model and...