Paper: Shake-And-Bake Translation

ACL ID C92-2117
Title Shake-And-Bake Translation
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1992

Instead, equivalence is stated between bags of multidimensional lexical signs. Constraints on any dimension of such signs may be included (cf. Tsujii, 1986 for the necessity of such multi-dimensional constraints). We believe that the concrete nature of such a task offers interesting possibilities for the automated acquisition of bilingual correspondences from aligned corpora. We therefore also see Shake-and-Bake as a first step in the integration of traditional linguistic (rationalist) and novel statistical (empiricist) approaches to MT (e.g. Brown et al. (1990)). Since Shake-and-Bake generation is an NPcomplete problem (see Brew, this conference), there is no tractable general algorithm. In order to improve average case performance, we need to be able to impose further structure on the ba...