Paper: Aspect - A Problem For MT

ACL ID C92-2098
Title Aspect - A Problem For MT
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1992

In the translation process, the f-representation and the s-representation are utilized. After parsing an English/Swedish sentence, the program tries to find out the "uniqueness value" of the event expressed by the current predication using three main kinds of rules: 1) rules checking uniqueness indices inside the functional and the semantic representation without looking at the context or using knowledge representation stored in the data base 2) rules comparing the current predication with the infommtion about the most typical predication containing the current verb (i.e. rules using a knowledge representation). The most typical predication is to be understood as a de~ription of the most typical event-situation, which may be expressed by means of the current verb and its complements. pleme...