Paper: Generating Coherent Argumentative Paragraphs

ACL ID C92-2096
Title Generating Coherent Argumentative Paragraphs
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1992

We address the problem of generating a coherent paragraph presenting arguments for a conclusion in a text generation system. Existing text planning tech- niques are not appropriate lor this task for two main reasons: they do not explain how arguments can be linked together in a linear presentation order and they do not explain how the rhetorical function of a proposition affects its wording. We present a mechanism to generate argumentative paragraphs where argumentative relations constrain not only the rhetorical structure of the paragraph, but also the surface form of each proposition. In our approach, a text planner relies on a set of specific argumentative relations to extract information from the knowledge base, to map it to scalar and context dependent evalua- tions and to organize it...