Paper: Shake-And-Bake Machine Translation

ACL ID C92-2091
Title Shake-And-Bake Machine Translation
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1992

A novel approach to Machine Translation (MT), called Shake-and-Bake, is presented, which ex- ploits recent advances iLL Computational Linguis- tics in terms of tile increased spread of lexicMist unification-based grammar theories. It is argued that it overcomes some difficulties encountered by transfer and interfingual methods. It offers a greater modularity of the monolingual components, which can be written with indepen- dence of each other, using purely monofinguM considerations. These are put into correspon- dence by means of a bilingual lexicon. The Shake-and-Bake approach for MT consists of parsing the Source Language in any usual way, then looking up the words in the bilinguM lexi- con, and finally generating from tile set of transla- tions of these words, but allowing the Target La...