Paper: Lexical Knowledge Acquisition From Bilingual Corpora

ACL ID C92-2088
Title Lexical Knowledge Acquisition From Bilingual Corpora
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1992

I)br practical research in natnral language processing, it is indisl)ensM)le to develop a large scale semantic dictionary for computers. It is cspeciany important to improve thc tcclmiqucs tbr compiling semantic dic- tionaries ti'orn natural language texts such as those in existing human dictionaries or in large corpora, llow- ever, there are at least two ditlicultics in analyzing existing texts: tbe l)roblem of syntactic ambiguities and the probtcm of polysemy. Our approaclL to solve these difficulties is to make use of translation exam- pies in two distinct languages that have (lnite different syntactic structures and word meanings. The roe.son we took this at)preach is that in many cases both syn: tactic aLrd semantic ambignitics arc resolved by com- paring analyzed resnlts from botb la...