Paper: A Reusable Lexical Database Tool For Machine Translation

ACL ID C92-2078
Title A Reusable Lexical Database Tool For Machine Translation
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1992

This paper describes the lexical database tool LOLA (Linguistic-Oriented Lexical database Approach) which has been developed fur the construction and maintenance of lexicons for the maclfine translation system I,MT. First, the requirements such a tool should meet are discussed, then I,MT and the lexi- cal information it requires, and some issues con- cerning vocabulary acquisition are presented. Afterwards the architecture aml the components of the I,OLA system are described and it is shown how we tried to meet the requirements worked out em'- hier. Although I,OI,A originally has been designed and implemented for the German-English I,MT prototype, it aimed from the beginning at a repre- sentation of lexical data that can be reused for uther LMT or MT prototypes or even other NLP appli- cat...