Paper: How To Visualize Time Tense And Aspect?

ACL ID C92-2073
Title How To Visualize Time Tense And Aspect?
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1992

Another advantage is that this kind of representatimt shows on-line how conceptual or pragmatic choices affect the intermediate structure, hence more or less directly tile final form. In consequence, by displaying on-line the way how the intermediate structure changes after each choice, we have a means of moving from a black box to a glass box. The former only shows how changes of the input '(conceptual choices) are reflected in the output, whereas the latter also shows how discourse choices (topicalisation, word choice, etc). affect the intermediate levels. less tedious than it would be betweeu a studeut anti a teacher. The change of trieauiug attd rite system's generation of file corresponding forrn take about a,second, cvea lor ml unffaiued u~r. Auother contmunicalitm mode the system al...