Paper: Temporal Structure Of Discourse

ACL ID C92-1052
Title Temporal Structure Of Discourse
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1992

In this paper discourse segments are defined and a method for discourse segmentation primarily based on abduction of temporal relations between seg- ments is proposed. This method is precise and com- putationally feasible and is supported by previous work in the area of temporal anaphora resolution. 1 Introddction B. Webber in [22] explains how discourse seg- mentation contributes to the interpretation of tense. In this paper we discuss how "tense in- terpretation" contributes to discourse segmen- tation. Following Webber's operational defini- tion of segments [21] we present the data struco tures necessary for representing discourse seg- ments and an algorithm to perform discourse segmentation. In order to build a discourse segment struc- ture some clear criteria for grouping chunks of te...