Paper: Zero Pronouns As Experiencer In Japanese Discourse

ACL ID C92-1051
Title Zero Pronouns As Experiencer In Japanese Discourse
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1992

The process of finding the antecedent of zero pronoun, that is indispensable to Japanese language understanding, is the topic of this paper. Here we mainly concern with dis- courses comprising two sentences that are in a subordinate relation, especially one of them describes the agent's volitional action and the other describes the reason of the action. We propose basically two new principles: (1) The agent of an action should experience a certain psychological reason, (2) Predicates report- ing someone's psychological state are catego- rized into 1) weakly or 2) strongly bound to the expected point of view. Combination of these principles accounts for some problem- atic Japanese zero anaphora, which cannot be accounted for by the theories so far pro- posed.