Paper: Une Ontologie Du Temps Pour Le Langage Naturel

ACL ID C92-1047
Title Une Ontologie Du Temps Pour Le Langage Naturel
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1992

We propose a new ontology for the time in natural language which provides the following features : - it renders all account of most of tile temporal phenomena of language (dates, duration, events, states) ; it offers capacities for the comprehension of the narratives ; - in the contrary to the traditional systems, it needs no hard "types" for dealing with the different classes used by the temfinology : thus an event may date others "'when John died, there were many demonstrations in the world", a date may be the beginning of an event "monday, Paul was leaving for a six months tour" ; our ontology endures the fluidity of natural language which does not make rigid, in the narratives, the signification of tile temporal entities ; - it allows some multiplicity of points of viev, (partially inc...