Paper: Action Relations In Rationale Clauses And Means Clauses

ACL ID C92-1043
Title Action Relations In Rationale Clauses And Means Clauses
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1992

Communication among agents collaborating on a task often involves complex utterances about multiple ac- tions. In this paper, we analyze two particular multi- action constructions, utterances with means clauses and utterances with rationale clauses. We present the distinctive features of these constructions, de- scribe their logical form, and define interpretation rules for deriving their meaning in terms of the gener- ation, enablement and Contributes relations between actions which have been motivated independently by research in plan recognition. We also demonstrate that these rules yield the appropriate properties of ratio- nale clauses and means clauses and show how these constructions can be distinguished algorithmically.