Paper: Categorial Semantics For LFG

ACL ID C92-1035
Title Categorial Semantics For LFG
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1992

For example, here are some relative clauses with a rough representation of their memfings: (19) a. (the man) that I saw: Az.saw(1,~) b. (the man) whose brother's ear I drove: A~.drove( I, z ' s brother's car) I assume that relative pronouns such as that or whose introduce a variable under a tel assumption which is abstracted out in the course of the derivation. The interpretation of a relative clause is obtained by a rule allowing the discharge of the rel assumption associated with the relative pronoun (and possibly other assumptions as well): (20) Relative clause interpretation: [TOPIC TOP] f : [REL R J ~ "f~ = discharge(f,R~) The tel discharge rule applies only under syntactically licensed conditions: (21) Relative clause assumption discharge: disch( f, [aREL, tel(x) ~ RE L :t]) = [aRE L...