Paper: Structure Sharing In Lexicalized Tree-Adjoining Grammars

ACL ID C92-1034
Title Structure Sharing In Lexicalized Tree-Adjoining Grammars
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1992

We present a scheme for efficiently representing a lexi- caiized tree-adjoining grammar (LTAG). The propcoed representational scheme allows for structure-sharing between lexical entries and the trees associated with the lexical items. A compact organization is achieved by organizing the lexicon in a hierarchical fashion and using inheritance as well as by using lexical and syn- tactic rules. While different organizations (Flickinger, 1987; Pol- lard and Sag, 1987; Shieber, 1986) of the lexicon have been proposed, in the scheme we propose, the inheri- tance hierarchy not only provides structure-sharing of lexical information but also of the associated elemen- tary trees of extended domain of locality. Furthermore, the lexical and syntactic rules can be used to derive new elementary trees fr...