Paper: TTP: A Fast And Robust Parser For Natural Language

ACL ID C92-1033
Title TTP: A Fast And Robust Parser For Natural Language
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1992

In this paper we describe TI~, a fast and robust natural language parser which can analyze written text and generate regularized parse structures for sentences and phrases at the speed of approximately 0.5 sec/sentence, or 44 word per second. The parser is based on a wide coverage grammar for English, developed by the New York University's Linguistic String Project, and it uses the machine-readable ver- sion of the Oxford Advanced lw~arner's Dictionary as a source of its basic vocabulary. The parser operates on stochastically tagged text, and contains a powerful skip-and-fit recovery mechanism that allows it to deal with extra-grammatical input and to operate effec- tively under a severe time pressure. Empirical experi- ments, testing parser's speed and accuracy, were per- formed on severa...