Paper: Left-Corner Parsing And Psychological Plausibility

ACL ID C92-1032
Title Left-Corner Parsing And Psychological Plausibility
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1992

It is well known that even extremely limited center- embedding causes people to have difficulty ill comprehen- sion, but that left- and right-branching constractions pro- duce no such effect. If the difficulty in comprehension is taken to be a result of processing load, as is widely as- sumed, then measuring the processing load induced by a parsing strategy on these constructions may help determine its plausibility as a psychological model. On this basis, it has been ~rgued [A J91, JL83] that by identifying processing load with space utilization, we can rule out both top-down and bottom-up parsing as viable candidates for the human sentence processing mechanism, attd that left-corner pars- ing represents a plausible Mternative. Examining their arguments in detail, we find difficulties with...