Paper: Trace And Unification Grammar

ACL ID C92-1017
Title Trace And Unification Grammar
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1992

This paper presents Trace & Unification Grammar (TUG), a declarative and reversible grammar formal- ism that brings together Unification Grammar (UG) and ideas of Government & Binding Theory (on)~ The main part of the paper consists in a description of many free word order phenomena of German syn- tax. It will be shown that the use of traces allows for an easier and more elegant way of description than competing approaches like ID/LP-format rules as used e.g. in GPSG and HPSG. Grammkrs writ- ten in the TUG-formallsm can be compiled to a very efficient parser. The occurrence of head movement, wh-movement and scrambling in one sentence does not lead to any decrease in parsing efficiency.