Paper: Finite-State Phonology In HPSG

ACL ID C92-1015
Title Finite-State Phonology In HPSG
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1992

Attention on constraint-based grammar formalisms such as Head-driven Phrase Structure Grammar (HPS6) has focussed on syntax and semantics to the exclu- sion of phonology. This paper investigates the in- corporation of a non-procedural theory of phonology into rmSG, based on the 'one-level' model of Bird & Ellison (1992). The standard rule-representation distinction is replaced by the description-object dis- tinction which is more germane in the context of constraint-based grammar. Prosodic domains, which limit the applicability of phonological constraints, are expressed in a prosodic type hierarchy modelled on lfPSG'S lexical type hierarchy.