Paper: About These Proceedings

ACL ID C92-1005
Title About These Proceedings
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1992

, on the express condition that it be written in another language than that of the paper. 77~is was intended by the Programme Committee to encourage tile practice of multilingualism among "computer linguists". Authors having used this opportunity will also have permitted a greater number of readers to quickly get a reasonably complete idea of their work. Certain authors have even gone to trilingualism, by proposing two (less long) abstracts in two languages different from that of the paper. Maybe this idea could be investigated in the context of other conerences in "computational linguistics". Some have noticed that, in the French versions of the various announcements of COLING-92, we have replaced the term "linguistique computationnelle" by "linguistique informatique". Of course, the adje...