Paper: Automatic Indexing And Government-Binding Theory

ACL ID C90-3085
Title Automatic Indexing And Government-Binding Theory
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1990

This project note describes a systern that receives, parses, indexes, and routes news reports. The core of this,'mtomatic indexer is a parser based on Govermnent-Binding Theory which derives thematic and binding relationships of arguments of the sentences of slories. These syntactic structures are interpreted by a semantic processor which is linked to conceptual represen- tations of terms from a controlled indexing vocabulary. As a result, the system is capable of indexing news with respect to a large set of let+ms that denote Ihe content of the articles. I',ACKGROUNI) With the rapidly increasing olume of text being generated. transmitted, processed, and stored, it becomes critical that informalion retrieval and routing be highly efficient, both in time of processing and accuracy. To this ...