Paper: A PARLOG Implementation Of Government-Binding Theory

ACL ID C90-3084
Title A PARLOG Implementation Of Government-Binding Theory
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1990

Tile purpose of this paper is to report on research on a parallel parser based on the principles and constraints of Government- Binding Theory. The parser outputs a set of licensing relations, notably thematic or 0-role assignments and antecedent/anaphor and other binding relationships, The primary goal of the system ix as a liaguistics tool for exploring concurrency and autonomy among ir~odules of tile theory. BACKGROUND Parse,'s based oil Government-Binding (GB) Theory have been tile subject of a nunlber of research progranlmes. ~ While they all share a colllnlon linguistic framework, the design goals and underlying parsing strategies are varied. Some are tools for ewduating competence and/or performance models of language and others remain neutral with respect to psychological reality. ...