Paper: ELU: An Environment For Machine Translation

ACL ID C90-3081
Title ELU: An Environment For Machine Translation
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1990

theories, i.e. lexicalism and the description of linguistic objects structured in terms of complex attribute-value pairs. Similar to other unification-based systems the gram~ mar is written as a set of context-free roles which define the structure of constituents. Constraining equations annotated on these roles define the combination of information, thus establishing the mapping between a complex feature structure and the text, which is simply a string of words. The lexicon in ELU, containing information about the morphological and syntactic processes that a given lexical item might undergo, is a separate component consisting of a 'base lexicon' and an optional morphological processor. In the morphological component, word forms are described as a concatenation of surface characters (organi...