Paper: Spelling-Checking For Highly Inflective Languages

ACL ID C90-3072
Title Spelling-Checking For Highly Inflective Languages
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1990
  • Jan Hajič (Charles University, Prague Czech Republic)
  • Janus Drozd (Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, Prague Czechoslovakia)

Spelling-checkers have become an integral part of most text processing software. From different rea- sons among which the speed of processing prevails they are usually based on dictionaries of word forms instead of words. This approach is sufficient for languages with little inflection such as English, but fails for highly inflective languages such as Czech, Russian, Slovak or other Slavonic languages. We have developed a special method for describing inflection for the purpose of building spelling-checkers for such languages. The speed of the resulting program lies somewhere in the middle of the scale of existing spelling-checkers for English and the main dictionary fits into the standard 360K floppy, whereas the number of recognized word forms exceeds 6 million (for Czech). Further, a sp...