Paper: Towards A Unification-Based Phonology

ACL ID C90-3050
Title Towards A Unification-Based Phonology
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1990
  • Richard Wiese (University of Dusseldorf, Dusseldorf Germany; University of Stuttgart, Stuttgart Germany)

Considerations of the formalisms involved in these theories have not been pursued to a large extent. has become increasingly clear, however, that different representational formats lead to differences in the formalisms required for phonological rules. Recently, there have also been attempts to clarify the formal status of associations between elements cn different tiers (Sagey 1988, Hammond 19~8, Bird & Klein 1989). This paper is an attempt to clarify some of the properties cf phonological rules and representations by applying the concepts of unification formalisms to phonological theory. A crucial part of any unification-based phonological theory is the elimination of feature-changing rules from the list of possible rules in the framework. work. Feature-changing rules stand in clear oppes...