Paper: A Finite-State Morphological Processor For Spanish

ACL ID C90-3049
Title A Finite-State Morphological Processor For Spanish
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1990

A finite transducer that processes Spanish inflec- tional amt derivational morphology is presented. The system handles both generation astd analysis of tens of millions inflected ibrms. Lexical and surface (orthographic) representations of the words are linked by a program that interprets a finite di- rected graph whose arcs are labelled by n-tuples of strings. Each of about 55,000 base forms requires at le~t one arc in the graph. Representing the inflec- tional and derivational possibilities for these forms imposed an overhead of only about 3000 additional arcs, of which about 2500 represent (phonologically- predictable) stem allomorphy, so that we pay a stor- age price of about 5% for compiling these form~ off- line. A simple interpreter for the resulting automa- ton processes several hu...