Paper: Synchronous Tree-Adjoining Grammars

ACL ID C90-3045
Title Synchronous Tree-Adjoining Grammars
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1990

The unique properties of lree-adjoining grammars (TAG) present a challenge for the application of 'FAGs beyond the limited confines of syntax, for instance, to the task of semantic interpretation or automatic translation of nat- ural h'mguage. We present a variant of "FAGs, called synchronous TAGs, which chmacterize correspondences between languages. "lq]e formalism's intended usage is to relate expressions of natural languages to their associ- ated semantics represented in a logical tbrm language, or to their translates in another natural language; in sum- mary, we intend it to allow TAGs to be used beyond their role in syntax proper. We discuss the application of synchronous TAGs to concrete examples, mention- ing primarily in passing some computational issues that tu:ise in its interpre...