Paper: Coordination In An Axiomatic Grammar

ACL ID C90-3037
Title Coordination In An Axiomatic Grammar
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1990

For some time there has been interest in the idea of parsing as deduction. Here we present a grammati- cal tbrmalism, 'Axiomatic Grammar', which is based upon a small number of linguistically motivated ax-- toms and deduction rules. Each axiom or rule com- bines a 'category' with a string of words to form a further category. This contrasts with the usual 'tree- structure' approach to syntactic analysis where con- stituents are combined with each other to form a further constituent. We describe a grammar for English which has a good coverage of 'non-constituent' coordination. The grammar has been integrated with a toy se- mantics, and has been implemented in a left-to- right parser with incremental semantic interpreta- tion. The parser does not suffer fi'om spurious am- biguity.