Paper: Syntactic Normalization Of Spontaneous Speech

ACL ID C90-3032
Title Syntactic Normalization Of Spontaneous Speech
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1990

This paper presents some techniques that provide a standard parsing system for the analysis of ill-formed utterances. These techniques are feature generalization and heuristically driven deletions. PROBLEM Generally the development of grammars, formalisms and natural language processors is based on written language data or, sometimes, not real data at all, but invented 'example sentences'. This holds for both computational and general linguistics. Thus many parsing systems that work quite well for sentences like la. and lb. fail, if they get applied to the authentic data in 2a. and 2b.: la. lb. 2a. 2b. die Grundform ist nicht eckig the basic form is not angular das blaue habe ich als Waage auf dem gr0nen llegen I have got the blue one lying upon theOAT greenOAT OneDAT like a balance die di...