Paper: Translation By Abduction

ACL ID C90-3028
Title Translation By Abduction
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1990

on, and between different levels of the respective languages. Such freedom in transfer is exactly what is needed for translation, especially for such typologically dissimilar languages as English and Japanese. It is thus possible to build a single sys- tem for translating among more than two languages in this framework, incorporating the labor savings of interlingual approaches while allowing the convenient specifieities of transfer approaches. We should note that other translations for sentence (2) are possible in different contexts. Two other pos- sibilities are the following: (26) Tokyo no office ga denwa shirnashita. Tokyo's office Subj call did-Polite Ti, e 'tokyo omce made {aM, el call. (27) Tokyo no otlice kara no denwa ga arimashita. Tokyo's office from's call Subj existed-Polite T...