Paper: A Constraint-Based Approach To Linguistic Performance

ACL ID C90-3027
Title A Constraint-Based Approach To Linguistic Performance
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1990
  • Koiti Hasida (University of Tokyo, Tokyo Japan; Electrotechnical Laboratory, Tsukuba Japan; Institute for New Generation Computer Technology, Tokyo Japan)

This paper investigates linguistic performance, from the viewpoint that the information processing in cogni- tive systems should be designed in terms of constraints rather than procedures in order to deal with partiality of information. In this perspective, the same gram- mar, the same belief and the same processing architec- ture should underly both sentence comprehension and production. A basic model of sentence processing, for both comprehension and production, is derived along this llne of reasoning. This model is demonstrated to account for diverse linguistic phenomena apparently unrelated to each other, lending empirica! support to the constraint paradigm.