Paper: Is There Content In Empty Heads?

ACL ID C90-3025
Title Is There Content In Empty Heads?
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1990

We describe a technique for automatically constructing a taxonomy of word senses from a machine readable dictionary. Previous taxonomies developed from dictionaries have two pro- perties in common. First, they are based on a somewhat loosely defined notion of the IS-A relation. Second, they require human intervention to identify the sense of the genus term being used. We believe that for taxonomies of this type to serve a useful role in subsequent natural language proce,sing tasks, the taxonomy must be based on a consistent use of the IS-A relation which allows inheritance and transitivity. We show that hierarchies of this type can be automatical!y constructed, by using the semantic category codes and the subject codes of the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English (LDOCE) to disambigua...