Paper: Linear Encodings Of Linguistic Analyses

ACL ID C90-3020
Title Linear Encodings Of Linguistic Analyses
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1990

In (1), local ambiguities are independent of each other. The assignment of an antecedent to a pronoun in (1) does not affect the possibilities of antecedent assignment for other pronouns in (1). An analysis of (1) in CNF need not include more than one appearance of any literal. (2) is similar to (1) in this respect. In (4), local ambiguities are interdependent, but local ambiguity possibilities depend only on ambiguity possibilities in neighboring clauses. There is thus a bound on how many ambiguities can interact. In (3), on the other hand, there is no such bound. Choosing an attachment site for PP. .... J affects the attachment posslbdlttes for PP ..... no matter how large k is. (5) is similar to (3), but ats*~ involves a global filter associated with the verb put. (3-c) and (5-a) employ...