Paper: Generating Connectives

ACL ID C90-3018
Title Generating Connectives
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1990

We present an implemented procedure to select an appropriate connective to link two propositions, which is part of a large text generation system. Each connec- tive is defined as a set of constraints between features of flxe propositions it connects. Ore' focus has been to identify pragmatic features flint can be produced by a deep generator to provide a simple representation of connectives. Using these features, we can account for a variety of connective usages, and we can distinguish between similar connectives. We describe how a sur- fi~ee generator can produce complex sentences when given these features in input. The selection procedure is irnplemented as part of a large functional unification gralmnar. 1. INTROI)UCTION: MOTIVATION A language %~:.eration system that produces com- plex ...