Paper: Phonological Processing Of Speech Variants

ACL ID C90-3004
Title Phonological Processing Of Speech Variants
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1990

Each of these abstract processes has a corresponding abstract rule type. A deletion rule deletes a whole segment and can also modify feature values in neighbouring segments. An Insertion rule inserts a whole segment and a substitution rule is applied to single features in particular segments having the effect of substituting one segment for another. All rule types require a context consisting of directly neighbouring segments. However, this context can in some cases be empty. Each of the abstract processes can only occur within a particular range of the syllable. On the basis of German data, the following are the "most probable" ranges for the three processes. Deletion and insertion occur only in the rhyme (peak and/or coda) of the syllable and substitution has the whole syllable as its ra...