Paper: Extending The Lexicon By Exploiting Subregularities

ACL ID C90-2070
Title Extending The Lexicon By Exploiting Subregularities
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1990

ng Terminate-Conversation to ancestor concept Creating new metaphor: Mapping main source concept Killing to main target concept Terminate-Computer-Process Mapping source role killer to target role c-proc-termer. Mapping source role kill-victim to target role c-proc-termed. Calling UC: You can kill a computer p~ocess by typing "c to the shell° Here MIDA~ tirst retdeves a mm~ber of metaphors related to the input; of these,, "KilbConversafion" ~s chosen as most applicable. A simple similarity exten~, sion is attempted, resulting in a proposed "Temfina~e.. Compnterq~ocess" metaphor for interpretation of ~e illpUt° Th~ inteipretation ~hus provided is passed ale~g to UC, which can answer ~his question. Meanwhi~e~ d~e metaphor is incorporated into OC's k~towledge ba~(~,. which ahows UC~s langua...