Paper: Free Adjuncts In Natural Language Instructions

ACL ID C90-2068
Title Free Adjuncts In Natural Language Instructions
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1990

Actions can be thought of as triples of act-types, agents, and times (relative or absolute intervals) like Mark playing a Dmajor chord last Sunday afternoon on his Epiphone. Because it is useful to distinguish an action from its occurrence in order to talk about intentions to act that may never be realized, Pollack introduces a separate ontological type occurrence that corresponds to the realization of an action. (Pollack represents an occurrence as OCCUR(/?), where/? is an action. Thus an occurfence inherits its time from the associated time of its argument). Agents can hold beliefs about entities of any of these three types: • act-types An agent may believe that playing a Dmajor chord involves playing three notes (D,F~ and A) simultaneously, or that s/he does not know how to perform th...