Paper: Parsing For Grammar And Style Checking

ACL ID C90-2063
Title Parsing For Grammar And Style Checking
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1990

The following paper describes some basic problems which have to be tackled if a mor- phosyntactic parser is to be configured in a grammm" and style checking environment. Whereas grammar checking has to deal with ill-formed input which by definition is out- side the scope of a grammar, style checking has problems in grammar coverage and in- tentionality of style. To overcome these problems, a method is presented based on the METAL grammar formalism which allows for fallback rules, levelling and scoring mechanisms, and other features which can be used. It will be de~ scribed what kinds of information and pro- cessing are needed to implement such checkers. Finally, some examples are given which il- lustrate the mode of operation of the method described. 2. Tile problem domain There is a funda...