Paper: Two Approaches To Semantic Interfaces In Text Generation

ACL ID C90-2056
Title Two Approaches To Semantic Interfaces In Text Generation
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1990

on. So given the task of text generation, the most productive interpretation of the semantic system is a stratal one, more specifically, semantics can be seen as the interlevel or interface between the linguistic resources of the system and the higher-level, non-linguistic ones. For instance, if there is a contextual specification that a service of some kind is needed, this can be addressed linguistically by choosing some semantic strategy such as pleading, requesting, or ordering; which strategy is selected will again depend on contextual factors such as the nature of the relationship between speaker and listener. The semantic selections are re- expressed lexicogrammatically and then again graphically or phonologically. While there are many possible conceptions of semantics, it is this in...