Paper: Towards Convenient Bi-Directional Grammar Formalisms

ACL ID C90-2051
Title Towards Convenient Bi-Directional Grammar Formalisms
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1990
  • P. S. Newman (IBM Palo Alto Scientific Center, Palo Alto CA)

P. Newmzrn IBM Pale Alto Scientific Center 1530 Page Mill Road Pale Alto, CA 94304, US/Y This paper discusses tim advantages for practical bi :, direclional grammars 6(combirfiug a lexical fbcus with the (}PEG-originated principle of immediate- dominance/ (I[)/1,P) rule partitioning. It. also outlines an implenlentation approach fbllowing these gafidelines. The approach is inspired by Slot Grammar, with additions including more explicit map. pings between surface and internal representations, and preferential constihJent ordering, rules. ~. Introductio~ a Tim term bi-directional gramrnar JbrmalLsm here refers to an implementation formalism capable of producing grammars usable in both analysis and generation. Such grammars can be advantageons for machine translation and ot...