Paper: Tenets For An Interlingual Representation Of Definite NPs

ACL ID C90-2046
Title Tenets For An Interlingual Representation Of Definite NPs
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1990

NPs in directionals and locals usually have a pragmatic value (for more detail (Loebner 1985)). Romance languages have a higher use of "definiteness" than germanic languages. While the latter use no article the former use them; while the latter use definite determiners the former use demonstratives. The internal value, however, remains the same. Compare: 20. Freedom is essential vs. la libertad es esencial 21. Love does not exist vs. el amor no existe Or is "love" and "freedom" more "definite" in Romance languages? References Alonso,A . 1961 : Estilistica y gramatica del articulo en espa?ol,en Estudios LInguisticos. Madrid Barwise,J & R.Cooper: 1981. Generalised Quantifiers and Natural Language. Linguistics and Philosphy, 4. p.159-219 Benthem van,J &A.ter Meulen (eds) Generalised Quantifie...