Paper: Solving Ambiguities In The Semantic Representation Of Texts

ACL ID C90-2042
Title Solving Ambiguities In The Semantic Representation Of Texts
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1990

One of the issues of Artificial Intelligence is the transfer of the knowledge conveyed by Natural Language into formalisms that a computer can interpret. In the Natural Lan- guage Processing department of the IBM France Paris Scientific Center, we are de- veloping and evaluating a system prototype whose purpose is to build a semantic rep- resentation of written French texts in a rig- orous formal model (the Conceptual Graph model, introduced by J.F Sowa [10]). The semantic representation of texts may then be used in various applications, such as intelligent information retrieval. The ac- curacy of the semantic representation is therefore crucial in order to obtain valid re- suits in any subsequent applications, in this article we explain how ambiguities related to Natural Language may be s...