Paper: Representing And Integrating Linguistic Knowledge

ACL ID C90-2035
Title Representing And Integrating Linguistic Knowledge
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1990

This research was ~ponsored by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DoD), monitored by the Space and Naval WarIkre Systems Command under N00039-88-C-0292, and the Office of Naval Research, under contract N00014-89.-,1-3205. abstractions over them. These abstractions can be syntactic or semantic ways of expressing more abstract categories to which these phoneme sequences belong. The construction is then a part-whole structuring relating these categories. An Example Construction To make this idea more concrete, consider some specific examples from the grammar, which currently includes about 30 constructions. In the examples I will be focusing on the knowledge that is necessary to handle the sentence: "IIow cart I find out how much disk space I am using "? The top-level construction...