Paper: Sentence Disambiguation By Document Oriented Preference Sets

ACL ID C90-2032
Title Sentence Disambiguation By Document Oriented Preference Sets
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1990

This paper proposes document oriented preference sets(DoPS) for the disambiguation of the dependency structure of sentences. The I)oPS system extracts preference knowledge from a target document or other documents automatically. Sentence ambiguities can be resolved by using domain targeted preference knowledge without using complicated large knowledgebases. Implementation and empirical results are described for the cmalysis of dependency structures of Japanese patent claim sentences. To solve this problem, we introduce Document oriented Preference Sets(DoPS). The concept of DoPS is that to determine the most appropriate preference knowledge, preference knowledge be segregated into several domains, for example, language domain, field domain, and sentence domain, each of which has a differe...