Paper: Complex Features In Description Of Chinese Language

ACL ID C90-2021
Title Complex Features In Description Of Chinese Language
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1990
  • Feng Zhiwei (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing China)

In this paper, the similarity of" multi-vahw label fimction" and "complex features" iv discussed. The author especially era. phasizes the necessity of complex feattwes for description of Chinese Iaruguage. 1 Multiple- Value Label Function The phrase structure grammar (PSG) was used extensively in the parsing of natural law guage. A PSG can be expressed by a tree graph where every node has a correspondent label. The relationship between the node x and its label y can be described by a mono-value label function L: L(x) = y For every value of node x, there is only one corresponding value of label y. In 1981, we designed a multilingual automatic translation system FAJRA (from Chinese to French, English, Japanese, Russian, German). In 1985; we designed two automatic translation systems GCAT (fr...