Paper: Generating French With A Reversible Unification Grammar

ACL ID C90-2019
Title Generating French With A Reversible Unification Grammar
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1990

ons", which are statements abstracting over sets of constraint equations. These statements 5 Restrictors are also used to restrict the search space in parsing (see Shieber (1985)). "fbe use of linking information in generation was first proposed by van Noord (1988). may receive multiple and mcursive definitions. To give multiple definitions to a relational abstraction permits collapsing what i~l an unextended PATR-Iike formalism would be several distinct rules, and is a powerful way to capture linguistic generalizations. Multiple definitions, however, give rise to a high degree of non-determinism during processing. There- fbre, while the parser expands multiple definitions whenever they are encountered, the generator uses a lazier approach and only expands them when they are needed. Nevert...