Paper: Feature Logic With Disjunctive Unification

ACL ID C90-2018
Title Feature Logic With Disjunctive Unification
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1990

Ve introduce lea.tare terms containing sorts, vztriables, nega- tion and named disjunction for the specification of feature structures. We show that the possibility to label di@mc- tions with names has m~tjor advantages both for the 'use of feature logic in computationaJ linguistics and its imple- mentation. We give an open world semantics for feature terms, where the denotation of a term is determined in de- pendence on the disjunctive conte:rt, i.e. the choices taken for the disjunctions. We define conte:ct-unique feature de- scription.% a relational, constraint-based rcpresentation lan- guage and give a normMization procedure that allows to test consistency of feature terms. This procedure does not only avoid expansion 1o disjunctive normal fbrm but maintains also structure sharing betw...